120 mm HY-12 Mortar is an infantry weapon designed and produced by MKE. Rifled barrel and easily hauled by a vehicle. Highest accuracy, long firing range, high mobility, Loaded from mouth. Singular automatic firing is possible.

Production Location: Heavy Weapons And Steel Factory
Production İnternet Adress:
Barrel Inner Diameter: 119,9 mm
Barrel Length: 1900 mm
Length: 3100 mm
Width: 1900 mm
Height: 1350 mm
Total Weight: 620 kg
Barrel Weight: 143 kg
Cover Weight: 152 kg
Max Range: 8000 m
Max. Pressure: 1230 kg/cm2
Number of Grooves: 40
Rate of Fire: 7 rds/min
Barrel Outer Diameter: 160 mm
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