Our factory has produced the powder as a single-base, double-base and triple-base propellant since 1939. We also have produced different types of nitrocellulose. We are a leader in production of powder & nitrocellulose. Moreover, the ball powder production line and combustable case cartridge was completed and the production was started. Our main duty is to produce different kinds of powder such as artillery ammunutions, mortars, rifles and pistols for military defence industry. All of our products are produced according to military standards. Our factory has AQAP-2120, TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance System Certificates and Facility Security Certificate, too. Its closed area is 27.178 m², open area is 2.344.404 m² and total is 2.371.582 m². Our research & development works and studying on new project are contiuned.

ADDRESS : Fabrikalar Mah. 4001. Sok. No:2 KIRIKKALE E-MAIL: mkenitroseluloz@mkek.gov.tr
PHONE : (0318) 224 28 38 - 224 40 47 FAX : (0318) 224 28 97
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