Foundatıon of MKEK in the historical procedure is related with the formation of Artillery corps in the Ottoman Empire and at the out set years of gun foundry. The Ottoman Arms industry which have been maintened in the constitution of Tophane-i Amire starting from the second half of 15th century, in the Tophane Müşavirliği (Arsenal of Ordonance and Artillery Marshalship) between 1832 and 1908, and in Harbiye Nezareti ( the Ministry of War)) as of 1908 respectively, has taken place with its personnel in the National Independence Operation in the War of Liberation.

The General Directorate of Military Factories has been established subsequent to the period of 1919-1923. Such formation having the head office in Ankara has become one of the foundation stones of industrial organizations of the Republic's Governments with the structures taken place in Istanbul, Kırıkkale and everywhere in the country.

The said facilities have been developed additionally and have been reorganized in 1950 under the name of (Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu) The Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution, has the legal entity, and the capital paid by the government completely, under the Law No.5591, for the purpose of producing most of equipment and tool requirement of the Turkish Armed Forces, and for satisfying also the essential needs of the civil industry. MKEK who use perfectly its economical capasity had reached, thanks to the orders coming from either in land or abroad, has carried out its investments on the various fields of Defense Industry and has reached to a size such as 18 large factories and 18000 qualified personnel and it has continued to render its extremely notable service for years.

The said factıries and establishments have been reorganized, "as affiliated company" within the frame of their current program, in comply with the new economic understanding, for the purpose letting meet the same with a dynamic structure having a power to compete in land and abroad, and have transformed to the statute of incorporated company accordingly. Today, the number of personnel employed by our institution is 7430 together withe the said affiliates which are in the number of 12.

Such manufacturing services have been rendering for satisfying the important requirements of Turkish Armed Forces, such as the ammunition of light and heavy weapons, heavy weapon systems, artillery, bombs, mines,explosives, and rockets as well as the other civil purpose products such as steel, brass, electricity meters, by means of considering the actual technical and economical conditions and with a quality and price suitable to the world and NATO standards.

The modern time in which the science and technology gains extraordinary importance, MKEK has been nourishing new policies in a mammer to follow up the new technologies, to learn and to spread over the same to the production process, especially, on the Defense Industry, based on the principles to be used of the existing sources of investments, labor power, capital knowledge and technology productively, and to gain the capacity, to reproduce the technology earned in a sector at the upper level.

MKEK which thinks that it must be a sector in the Defence Industry where productivity, international competition and quality assurance make a mark and institutionalized, has entered into the process of notable decision and implementation, in the said industry, through its method of work, its organization, and its strive to ensure its concordance with the International Quality Sysytem rapidly and its study on the Research and Development respectively. During the said process, MKEK has been aiming at reorganization of existing system, modernization of production facilities and developing brand new production projects, and to equip the Turkish Armed Forces with more qualified and more defence means and equipments, modern and competable with the new technologies.

Our aim is a dynamic MKEK, modernized in comply with the actual technology and condensed with the quality, engineering and Ar-Ge (Research and Development) activities and integrated with the country's industry instead of intra institution integration, and develops with its technology and labor force infrastructure, and capable to follow up the technology accordingly.

Meeting Point of Technology and Experience

MKE, with its experience rooting to the 15-century, is the leading company in Turkish Defence Industry keeping the modern and high technology in priority.

MKE derives its strength from dedication to technology, unconditional costumer satisfaction and zero - error production performance at world class high technology plants in order to have a strategic position in the Global Market.

MKE, has been the main supplier of Turkish Armed Forces, under various names, since its establishment and gained its current legal status as a stage organization in 1950.

MKE, having a large range of products, not only serves the Turkish Armed Forces but also takes share in the International Defence Industry Market by exporting to more than 40 countries.

MKE with its 10 modern factories and 5500 experienced personnel, keeps its range of production in 4 main groups as follows.

. Ammunation Group
. Rocket Group
. Weapon Group
. Explosives / Powders and Pyrotechnic Products

MKE is proud to be awarded with latest AQAP and ISO certificates for both Head office and factories.

Being the dynamic meeting point of experience, know ledge and technology, MKE gained its own leading position in Turkish Defence Industry and will continue stepping forward in the Global Market

There are 10 factories and 2 company with %100 paid capital owned exclusively by Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation.

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