will be purchased with Open Tender Method by

Mechanical and Chemical Industries Corporation (MKE) General Directorate Procurement Department

a) Contracting Entity:

-Name                                       : Mechanical and Chemical Industries Corporation

-Telephone number                   : +90 (312) 296 11 30-31

-Fax number                             : +90 (312) 296 16 91

-E-mail address                                     : mkekikm@mkek.gov.tr

-Web Site                                  : www.mkek.gov.tr


b) Goods Subject To the Tenders:

- Reference Number                 : 1376.SVG.0944

             -Description, kind & quantity :  100.000 Kg Shaped Solid TNT

            -Tender Method                            :  Open Tender

             - Delivery Time/Period                : The goods shall be at our factory (MKE Mühimmat Fabrikası  Müdürlüğü - Kırıkkale/ TÜRKİYE) within 6 (six) months after the effective date of the Contract.

c) Location of Delivery:

-The Foreign Tenderers shall submit their bids as  (FOB-STOWED (………....Seaport),  CFR (........... Derince Seaport),  CPT (....Ankara by road transport) and/or DAP (MKE Mühimmat Fabrikası  Müdürlüğü – Kırıkkale) delivery basis according to INCOTERMS 2010, provided that location of delivery must be specified.

d) Domestic tenderers/representative/distributor who will submit a bid have to purchase the tender documents. Location where the tender document can be purchased:

- The tender price shall be paid to Cashier Point in MKE General Directorate Financial Department, B Block, 2. Floor, until 16.30 local time and tender document shall be received from MKE General Directorate Procurement Department, 4. Floor, Room No.404, by giving the tender price’s receipt.

   - MKE Marketing Branch, Ömer Avni Mahallesi, İnönü Caddesi, No.44, Taksim /  İSTANBUL

Price of the tender document: 50,00 TL (including VAT)

e) Price of the tender document (including taxes) is free of charge for foreign tenderers, foreign Consulates, Embassies, Attaches, State Institutions and Organizations. Foreign tenderers shall review the tender documents in our web site on http://www.mkek.gov.tr/en

f) Address where the tender will be held: MKE Kurumu Genel Müdürlüğü MKE Procurement Department 4th floor 06330 Anadolu / Ankara

   -Date and Time of Tender: 06th February 2018, 14.00 p.m. local time.

   -Tender Method: Open Tender

g) Place of Submission of Bids:  

      - MKE Kurumu Genel Müdürlüğü, Procurement Department, Anadolu Meydanı, 06330, Ankara/TÜRKİYE (4th floor room number 412).

         - Bids can be sent by Private Courier Company until the deadline date and time.

         - Bids can be sent to our fax (our fax number is: +90 (312) 296 16 91)

The bids shall be submitted until 06th Febuary 2018, 14.00 p.m. local time.

Bids not received by the Contracting Entity before the deadline time will not be evaluated.

h) The persons or authorities who are indicated in Article 8 of our Administrative Specification cannot participate in any procurement, directly or indirectly or as a sub-contractor, either on their own account or on behalf of others.

j) Tenderers shall submit the documents indicated article 6 of our Administrative Specification with their bids.

However, in case that the other required documents are incomplete or there is omission of unimportant information, Tenderers who cannot furnish these missing documents or information shall be excluded from the evaluation and the preliminary guarantee shall be recorded as income.

k) As specified  articles 21.1.3  and 29.2.2 of our Administrative Specification, the name, surname or the trade name, open address for notifications, the subject of the tender and the address of the Contracting Entity or Tender Registration Number shall be written on the envelope of the tender document. The seal of the envelope shall be signed and stamped by the tenderer. The bids which don’t meet the conditions shall be determined, and shall be excluded from the evaluation, and the front and back of the envelope shall be copied, shall be put the tender files and the original envelope shall be returned to the tenderer.

l) Preliminary Guarantee: Tenderers shall submit a preliminary guarantee corresponding to not less than 3% of the bid price they have submitted. The amount of the preliminary guarantee shall be evaluated according to the highest bid price which the tenderer has offered depending on the term of delivery.

m) Performance Bond: Performance Bond is requested at the rate of 10% (ten percent) to be calculated on the tender from the chosen Tenderer/s.

n) Validity of Bids: The validity of bids should be at least 90 (ninety) days.

o) The tender is open to all domestic and foreign Tenderers that comply with the conditions set out in the Specifications.

p) A price advantage at the rate of 15% in favor of Tenderers who submit domestic goods will be implemented in the evaluation of bids.

r) This tender about the goods specified in this specification is not dependent on the Public Procurement Law No 4734 and the Public Procurement Contracts Law No 4735 except the provisions related to Penalty and Prohibition; it is made according to Procurement and Tender Regulation provisions which are issued by MKE. The Contracting Entity is free to make the tender or not or give the tender to anybody.

Important Note:

a) When you receive this fax / e-mail message please give information to our side by e-mail (to our e-mail address: mkekikm@mkek.gov.tr) whether you will submit bid or not.

b) Bids sent via e-mail shall not be accepted.

c) Bids without authorized person’s signature and stamp shall not be accepted.

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